Transport and distribution of food

Transport and distribution of food, distribution of food under controlled temperature

  • distribution of foodstuffs
  • distribution of foodstuffs under the temperature

We offer distribution and storage via Carriage Center according to customers¨ requirements with following trucks:


Load Weight

Number of Euro-Palets 

Up to 3,5 tons

Up to 8 pallets Euro

Up to 5 tons

13 - 15 pallets Euro

Up to 8 tons

15 - 19 pallets Euro

Up to 10 tons

18 - 22 pallets Euro

Up to 14 tons

20 -  22 pallets Euro

Above 14 tons 33 - 37 pallets Euro


Vehicle Bodies Dustproof 

- Distribution of mill and dough products, industrial goods 

Vehicle Bodies Isothermal 

- Bakery products as well as drinks and vegetable 

Vehicle Bodies with a Cooling Unit 

- Delivery of foodstuffs under the temperature controlled, such as milk, meat … 

Vehicle Bodies with a Freezing Unit 

- Delivery of frozen foodstuffs 

Special Vehicle Bodies 

- Such as delivery of meat hanging, cooling, freezing and so on 

Vehicle Bodies with Tarps 

- industrial goods 

All the drivers possess valid health permit, mobile telephone and their vehicles 
meet all the requirements needed for the distribution of food.

Space for Publicity 

- It is at the customer's disposal on vehicle bodies and tilts 

Contact person:

Jiří KALAS Ing.
tel.: +420 739 646 295

tel.: +420 739 646 296

Milan PEŠA
tel.: +420 739 646 213

tel.: +420 739 646 279


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