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BODOS a.s. Company is prepared to make analysis of interplant handling and to fix a price quotation for its run as well as to take the interplant handling over within BODOS´s own activities, including all the staff of the interplant handling and to carry it on inclusively for the customer and in accordance with customer's instructions and on basis of the Carriage Centre at the customer.

This way of taking the interplant handling over fully with its entirety and including all the workers was carried out for example in the following companies: Miltra B, s.r.o. Trnávka, RMD Olešnice, Odkolek a.s. provoz Vysočany, Unex a.s.



Bodos a.s. is in the position to buy the vehicles determined by your company to be sold for the price agreed upon, that will present total sum made of prices agreed for each vehicle individually. The basis for negotiations about prices are the latest Expert's Reports of the vehicles. BODOS a.s. is also offering purchase of spare parts and tires which could be used for the existing haulage engineering.



Our company has neither distribution of its own nor it is carrying on other business activities. We are a pure transport company that provides customers, according to their wishes, with haulage and transport services of its own. The actual vehicles, used as service for the individual customers, are marked, according to law regulations obligatory for the registered keeper. Free space on the vehicles is given at the customer's disposal to be used for his publicity purposes. This publicity is carried out at customer's own expense and applied mainly on vehicle bodies and truck tarps.



BODOS a.s. is offering storage space not only in Boskovice but also in the location of Prague, including provision of distribution the customer's products in all Bohemia region round. Correspondingly BODOS Slovakia provides storage and distribution for the region of Slovakia.



  • The original owner needn't put his money into the haulage engineering any more
  • Reduction of the costs and paperwork
  • Flexibility of the independent carrier
  • Releasing of the original owner's management time capacities for other activities.
  • Easier access to new technologies without putting money into them.


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